Ramani is a successful entrepreneur, a mentor and a philanthropist.

With an objective of creating a successful global organization in communications technology, Ramani founded FutureSoft in the year 1985. FutureSoft and its subsidiaries provided communications software products and solutions in leading edge technology areas like IP Switching/Routing, Broadband Access, Wireless and Wireline applications and Embedded Systems.

Ramani is one of the founder members of NASSCOM (India’s National Association of Software and Service Companies) and he was the Chairman of NASSCOM during 1997-98. It was during his tenure as Chairman of NASSCOM that NASSCOM unveiled its new growth strategy to be fuelled by a product focus among software companies.

Ramani was the Charter president of the TiE (The indUS Entrepreneurs) – Chennai Chapter from Jan 2001 to Mar 2003. He has contributed significantly to promoting TiE’s mission of encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. He is also actively involved with several charitable causes and welfare programs.

Ramani graduated in Physics from University of Madras. He has attended several postgraduate programs in the areas of Software engineering, Communications technology and general management.

The Man.

Ramani is principled, energetic, passionate and exemplifies the force that builds great technology companies.

Tall, bespectacled and exuding an aura of strength and geniality, Ramani stands head-and-shoulders above the crowd. An instinctive sense of humor and the ability to remember names and faces wins him the admiration of many a young heart.

A ‘communicator’ in every sense of the word, Ramani keeps his audience spellbound with the words he weaves– an art which many an academic or politician would envy.

Soaking in the quiet of Nature — long walks with family, a relaxed drive away from the madding crowd, classical music. are some of the ways with which he takes a break from the everyday routine.

Family ties mean a lot to Ramani. Being a part of a large family has reinforced his belief in forging ties that last long. This philosophy he also extends to his organization. His late mother, and wife Lakshmi have played and continue to play an inspiring, supportive and encouraging role in all his activities and achievements. Lakshmi and Ramani have a daughter – Sai Janani.

Favourite Pastime : Cricket, Tennis, Chess and Classical Music.